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Attention, Jeremy Renner fans!

Jeremy has released a new app via EscapeX.  The app is available for download on both iTunes and Google Play.  You can find it on itunes HERE and on Google Play HERE.  While downloading the app is free, a small fee of $2.99 per month will give you access to exclusive content.  Users who want to get the most out of the app should also have a facebook account, as commenting on the app requires logging in to facebook.

The app currently contains snippets of Jeremy's music, videos and photos of Jeremy, and video messages from Jeremy himself, as well as links to Jeremy's social media pages.  In the future, it will provide fans with access to live streams, contests, and "first looks" from Jeremy's films.  It's definitely a "must have" for any Jeremy Renner fan!

Right now, Jeremy is holding a contest to win tickets to to the Calgary Expo on April 29-30, where Jeremy will be appearing as a guest.  The winner even gets to have lunch with Jeremy! To enter, simply download the app, then post a comment in the app telling Jeremy why you are his #1 fan.  The best comment wins!  Good luck to all fans who enter.

UPDATE 3/28/17: The contest has now closed.  Congratulations to the winner, Michael Reese!

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  • Guest - Maryanne Bounaparte

    I don't know if I'm your number one fan and I don't know how you would define it, But I can say I noticed you, for the very first time in Hurt Locker. I must of watched it 873 times including today?. The character you played was a perfect fit. There was strength, confidence, humbleness and heart. I personally don't think those traits are acting traits. They were real. That is my kind of person I would support and love to get to know. Listening to your music right now. Amazing and blessed. i am a newcomer and looking forward to becoming your biggest fan.

  • I like to think I'm your number 1 fan. You are one amazing person. I admire your acting and musical abilities, charitable work and love you have for your daughter. I've seen and own nearly every movie you've been in, own all of the Hawkeye Pops! and a lovely piece of artwork of you as Hawkeye. I am anxiously awaiting for you to release an album. I love that you take time out of your busy schedule to visit sick children in the hospital. I admire the extents in which you care for and protect your daughters privacy. I'm sure it is difficult, but as parents that is what we do. Meeting you would be the most amazing experience! Hoping to see you in Calgary ?RH

    from Naples, FL, USA

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